Do I Need a Fluoride Treatment?

Cavities are caused by acid-producing bacteria that congregate around the teeth and gums, forming a sticky, colorless film known as plaque. If you don’t practice good, daily oral hygiene (flossing, brushing, and occasional mouth rinses) then your teeth will become increasingly vulnerable to cavities. In addition to at-home care, dental visits are crucial to keeping your teeth healthy.


Professional Fluoride Treatment

If you have a high to moderate risk of developing cavities, then a professional fluoride treatment may help. Cavities and even gum disease can run in families, and you may be more susceptible than most. Professional fluoride treatment will only take a few minutes, but it will help remineralize your teeth and protect them against acid-producing bacteria. Following treatment, you will probably be advised to not eat or drink for at least thirty minutes, just to allow the teeth to fully absorb the fluoride to repair the microscopic cavity-prone areas.

How Often Do I Need Fluoride Treatments?

Depending on the status of your teeth and gums, you may be recommended to get professional fluoride treatments every 3, 6, or 12 months. Additionally, Dr. Rigby may suggest additional preventive measures including over-the-counter or prescription fluoride mouthwashes. If you’re concerned about developing cavities or other dental problems, then fluoride treatments can help you protect your teeth from future dental problems.

What Are The Risk Factors for Developing Cavities?

Some of the most common risk factors for developing cavities include:

  • poor oral hygiene
  • eating disorders
  • active cavities
  • lack of regular professional dental care
  • high levels of cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth
  • orthodontic treatment combined with poor oral hygiene
  • drug or alcohol abuse

Not every dental office will offer professional fluoride treatment, but here at Rigby Advanced Dental, you can get fluoride treatment along with your regular cleaning or check-up. Call us today to schedule an appointment to remineralize your teeth and protect against cavities!

Different Types of Floss

Floss is an essential part of everyone’s at-home oral health care regime. It is used to remove plaque and food particles from between your teeth. You may not notice it, but food does get stuck between your teeth, and if it sits there for more than a day, plaque will build up. No matter how thorough you are with brushing, it is not enough to remove this plaque.


If you leave that plaque, it will harder and become tartar, which will also make you susceptible to gingivitis, gum disease, and eventually periodontitis. Not flossing, which is essentially poor oral hygiene, is almost always the cause for gum disease. If you leave decaying food and bacteria between your teeth, you will notice that when you do start to floss, your gums bleed.

Different Types of Floss

The market is saturated with different types of dental floss these days. Which one is best for you?

Dental Tape

Dental tape is a type of floss that is flatter and smoother than traditional flosses. It’s good for people who have a lot of crowding, because it easily slides between every nook and cranny.

Floss Picks

You’ve seen the small handled floss sticks: they’re really popular for flossing on the go or for people who have a difficult time holding the floss. Although this type of floss is convenient, it’s not going to get as many corners as traditional floss. Our recommendation: Use a floss pick in a pinch, but try not to rely on it for your daily flossing. Instead, stick to traditional floss.

Eco-Friendly Floss

Do you love the environment and want to protect it? Try a biodegradable floss like this one from Woo Bamboo or this one from Radius.

What is your favorite type of floss? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Kids Brushes So Cool, You’ll Want to Use Them Too!

Everyone can use a little more magic in their life. The Disney Magic Timer App does just that, by bringing magic to brushing teeth! This amazing free app helps kids brush longer and rewards them to encourage more consistent brushing. Unlike toothbrushes that have a 2 minute timer and plays music, the Disney Magic Timer App will engage children both visually and audibly.

Images above via Oral-B and Crest

How the Disney Magic Timer App Works

The Disney Magic Timer App is an engaging and fun way to teach your kids to brush their teeth! Scan a Crest or Oral-B Pro Health-Stages Product (such as the Disney Princess Toothbrush or Pixar Monsters Toothpaste) with a smart device like an i-Pad or smart phone! Then, a video plays for your children as they begin brushing. The video features Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars characters! As you brush, suds cover the screen but are slowly scrubbed away to reveal a new image. At the end of every brushing session, kids get a fun sticker as their reward that they collect in a virtual album.

Star Wars Toothbrush & Toothpaste

What’s cooler than having Darth Vader grace the box of your toothpaste? As Crest says, this toothpaste will help begin the saga of longer brushing. This mild gel formula is gentle enough for children but strong enough to strengthen enamel and fight cavities. But what is a Darth Vader toothpaste without a matching toothbrush? Oral-B also features Yoda on a kids’ electric toothbrush! How cool is that?

Marvel Avengers Toothbrush & Toothpaste

More of a Marvel fan? Check out the Crest Pro-Health’s Marvel Avengers “Super Action Liquid Gel” (toothpaste)! This toothpaste for kids (or fun adults) is a kid-tested, mild gel formula that provides effective cavity protection while avenging the health of your kids’ teeth! Pair this action-packed toothpaste with an Avengers toothbrush!

Disney Princess Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Are you an Ariel fan or can you not stop singing the Frozen soundtrack? The Oral-B Pro-Health Stages Disney Toothbrush is perfect for you! Combine this magical toothbrush with Crest’s Disney Princess toothpaste for a fun brushing experience!

Time for your kids’ dental check-up? Schedule an appointment today!

What Happens When You Skip Brushing Before Bed?

You’ve heard it all your life, “brush your teeth twice a day, when you wake up and when you go to bed.” Thinking about it might seem confusing though; wouldn’t it make more sense to brush after every meal instead, and how dirty can your mouth get while sleeping? Today we are going to answer these questions and talk about why we brush our teeth every night, and what happens to your teeth when you skip it.

What Happens When You Skip Brushing Before Bed?

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Dental Implant FAQs

Dr. Rigby at Rigby Advanced Dental is a Bee Cave dentist that specializes in dental implants and advanced dental restorations. As a specialist, he gets a lot of questions regarding dental implants and everything that process entails. In order to give his patients more information so that they can make educated decisions, he decided to provide answers to his most frequently asked questions about dental implants.
Dental implant FAQs

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Dentistry For Children In Bee Cave

Good oral healthcare is an important part of our lives, and the best way to maintain a healthy smile is to start as a child! In fact, tooth decay is even more prevalent in children due to the likelihood of improper brushing and an increased intake of sugary treats. If started early, children can lay the foundation for a lifetime of beautiful smiles with the help of Dr. Rigby and his team.

Dental care for kids

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Prosthodontics or General Dentistry – What’s The Difference?

If you are looking for a quality cosmetic dentist in Bee Cave, Dr. Rigby provides advanced dental care from dental implants to full mouth reconstructions. Sometimes dentistry can feel overwhelming by all the strange terminology being thrown around, and just like most other medical fields, dentists also have different specialties that require extra training and studies for specific health needs. Dr. Rigby provides the Hill Country area with comprehensive general dental care and he specializes in prosthodontics.

Bee Cave Cosmetic Dentist

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