What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Oral Cancer?

At Rigby Advanced Dental we take evaluating those who trust us with their care for oral cancer seriously.  Dr. Rigby has had the unique opportunity to train directly with dental oral cancer experts while he was in his specialty prosthodontic training at The Ohio State University.  He was able to participate and train at the highly esteemed James Cancer Institute in Columbus, OH and while in his rotations, with the institute, he took a special interest in the subject of Oral Cancer and its treatment.  Rigby Advanced Dental in Bee Cave, TX is pleased to offer oral cancer services including oral cancer screenings and oral facial prosthetic fabrication.   

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Oral Cancer Screening

Three to five minutes that may save your life

It’s a fact that oral cancer is most frequently discovered in its later stages, when the survival rate is only 20-30%. This is largely because in its early stages it may be painless, and may not present symptoms that you might notice.  Rigby Advanced Dental recognizes the importance of early oral cancer detection and includes a visual and tactile screening for oral cancer during all exams.

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