Do I Need a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

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Functional teeth are a part of a healthy life that many of us take for granted. Missing teeth due to damage or a genetic condition can mean difficulty performing daily tasks like chewing and eating. The good news is that modern dentistry allows for restoration, no matter how advanced the issue is. Even individuals with no teeth at all can find their smile again with full mouth reconstruction. Dr. Rigby is an experienced prosthodontist who is skilled at providing full mouth reconstruction to those who need it most. Check out our Smile Gallery to see before and after photos of Dr. Rigby’s actual patients!

What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction is the term given to replacement of all missing or damaged teeth. If you have suffered from injury, tooth decay, or other incidents that have led to multiple missing teeth, you are a good candidate for reconstruction. Those with genetic conditions that lead to missing teeth or bone loss are also good candidates. These include conditions like ectodermal dysplasia, cleidocranial dysplasia, ameliogenesis, or dentinogenisis imperfecta. After a full mouth reconstruction you’ll have a beautiful, natural-looking smile that restores function and appearance.

How Long Does It Take?

The answer to this question varies widely depending on your needs. There are many options for tooth replacements, including dentures, crowns and dental implants. At minimum, this process will take several appointments, including an initial consultation.

How Much Does It Cost?

Again, this depends on the materials used and your particular health needs. A consultation will help us assess the timeline and cost of your treatment. We offer several financing options for more costly procedures, including dental insurance and CareCredit.

Is It Right for Me?

Have you been embarrassed about missing teeth? Do you have pain because of cracked or broken teeth? Are you unable to eat your favorite foods? If you answered yes to any of these questions then come in for a consultation. If you’re not sure if full mouth reconstruction is right for you, we have answers to your questions. Don’t put off having a healthy and happy smile! Call us today.

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Rigby Advanced Dental Offers Cosmetic Restorations

Rigby Advanced Dental offers an advanced look at your mouth and its needs. Cosmetic restorations are a way to cover (hide) natural or acquired defects int the mouth.  If cosmetic dentistry is your focus, Dr. Brent Rigby can help. He often recommends a cosmetic consultation and cosmetic diagnostic work-up. This work-up will include taking impressions of your teeth and Dr. Rigby doing a mock-up of what the restorations could potentially look like. Dr. Rigby will sit down with you and discuss any necessary treatments and make sure all your questions are answered prior to performing any definitive treatment. Here is a little information on the different types of cosmetic treatments available from Rigby Advanced Dental.

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Rigby Advanced Dental Offers Custom Specialty Dentures!

Custom dentures is one thing Rigby Advanced Dental of Bee Cave and Lakeway, TX excels at.  We offer a variety of denture products, services and as always involve our patients in the treatment decisions. Dentures are designed to replace missing teeth, and are worn by millions of Americans. Technological advancements have resulted in dentures that are lightweight and mimic the look and feel of natural teeth. Most dentures are made from a combination of metals and synthetic material such as acrylic resin.

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What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

People choose Dr. Brent Rigby to perform their cosmetic dental procedures at Rigby Advanced Dental for various reasons – to repair a defect such as a malformed bite or crooked teeth, treat an injury, or just improve their overall appearance.  For these and many other reasons, cosmetic dentistry has become a vital and important part of the dental profession and one of the fastest growing areas of dentistry.  For example, tooth-whitening procedures have tripled over the past five years.

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Renew Your Smile With Full Mouth Reconstruction

Has your smile sustained damage over the years?  Trauma, untreated dental decay, abrasion and gum disease can diminish your smile’s appearance, make chewing painful, and negatively impact your overall health.  In Bee Cave, Lakeway or Austin in general, you’ve got a partner in the quest for a healthy smile.

Dr. Brent Rigby offers full-mouth reconstruction to turn back the clock on dental damage. No matter the cause of your smile’s condition, Dr. Rigby will take a compassionate, conservative approach to renew your smile’s condition and get your oral health back on track.

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Implants in One Day

Implants in one day?  Is it really possible?  Believe it or not, if you fit the right criteria, you can go from having teeth to implants in one day.  You may have seen commercials for this procedure or perhaps a friend recommended it and your interest is peaked…….well never fear, Rigby Advanced Dental is on the cutting edge of technology and offers this procedure right here in Bee Cave & Lakeway, TX.  As a trained Prosthodontist, Dr. Rigby has the extensive knowledge and experience to perform these difficult implant procedures to ensure the best possible outcome.  With that being said, there is a lot you should know about this treatment, so please before any decision has been made, thoroughly research the topic to familiarize yourself with the procedures involved and discuss you concerns with Dr. Rigby.

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What Are Dental Veneers?

One of the hottest topics discussed in dentistry today is the use of Dental Veneers in the restoration of an individuals smile.  Interestingly enough, veneers have come full circle in technology and aesthetic ability over the last 30 years and it seems that with Hollywood and the media’s ability to hype a product they are here to stay and hopefully continue to improve smiles everywhere!  Here at Rigby Advanced Dental we often hear the questions, “What are dental veneers?”, “How long do they last?”, “Can I get them?” and “How much do they cost?”.  To better inform our dental friends about veneers we will address these questions and more in this post.

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What are Dental Implants?

A question we get here at Rigby Advanced Dental is, “What are dental implants?” and “How do they work?”.  Luckily, Dr Rigby is chalk full of great information, experience and loves to talk and teach about dental implants.  Dr Rigby can often be heard telling implant candidates, “There is no better way to restore your smile and fulfill your expectations with treatment……..implants are AWESOME!”  If you are one of the millions of Americans suffering from tooth loss, you know what a disconcerting problem it can be. Thankfully, whether you are missing a single tooth or several, dental implants may be an option for flawlessly natural-looking tooth replacement.

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Critical Things To Consider When Choosing A Cosmetic/Esthetic Dentist

Any type of Cosmetic/Esthetic dentistry is an investment in the future of your smile. Here at Rigby Advanced Dental, in Austin Texas, we take this type of work seriously.   Like any investment, you’ll want to do research before making a final decision. Dr. Brent Rigby recommends you use these guidelines can help you choose the practitioner who’s right for you.

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How To Care For Dentures

Complete dentures are replacements for missing teeth that you can take out of your mouth and put back on your own. While dentures are not real teeth, it’s just as important to take care of them just as you do your natural teeth. Rigby Advanced Dental offers a variety of denture services, but most denture patients request Custom Made Dentures, due to Dr. Brent Rigby’s specialty training as a prosthodontist in removable dental prosthetics.  This provides the patient a personalized set of dentures fabricated by Dr. Rigby himself not a dental lab like the majority of other dental practices. It is truly the best way to achieve optimal esthetics and results.  Here are some tips and tricks from Dr Rigby’s bag of helpful hints to help you with your current dentures:

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