Pregnancy and Dental Work…….What To Expect and Do! Part 3

Continuing our series from the other day on “Pregnancy and Dental Work,” today we’d like to answer some of the questions we hear most often from pregnant women.

  • Is it safe to see the dentist while I’m pregnant?  Absolutely. Just be sure you let your dentist know that you’re pregnant. The second trimester is the best time to get your regular dental checkup. During your first trimester, your baby’s organs are still developing, and they’re highly sensitive. During the last half of your last trimester, you and your baby are also very sensitive to outside influences. (Not to mention that it might just be plain uncomfortable to try to sit in a dental examination chair for any period of time.) You should put off any major procedures until after your baby is born, if at all possible. Discuss any questions you have with your dentist, so together you can determine the best possible plan for you and your baby.
  • What if I have a dental emergency?  If you have a dental emergency while you’re pregnant, seek professional assistance as soon as possible. You can discuss treatment options with your dentist and obstetrician (for example, what medicine and/or anesthesia is safe). Don’t ignore pain in your mouth. Besides the possibility that your body could be signaling you that something is wrong, trying to cope with pain can increase stress on both you and your baby. You also want to avoid spreading an infection or having a dental problem escalate into something much more severe.
  • Can I have an X-ray at the dentist when I’m pregnant?  Most dentists do not recommend having X-rays while you’re pregnant. You should, however, still get your regular checkup (minus the X-rays). Again, if you have a dental emergency: Don’t put off treatment. You and your dentist can determine the best possible solution together.

For more information, or to schedule your free consultation your next dental exam, contact Rigby Advanced Dental, and keep coming back for more posts in our series on “Pregnancy and Dental Work.”

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