Smiling Makes You Happy!

Your smile is one of the first things people notice when meeting you for the first time and shows people what kind of a mood you are in, but it also has many benefits that you may not realize. When you smile, it actually affects the way your brain thinks!

Smiling Makes you Happy!

Smile often!

Smiling will improve your mood and decrease stress. Even if you don’t feel like smiling and are in a bad mood, a fake smile will get the same results. You’ll wind up changing the whole way your body feels if you smile and keep the air light. Tension is something that can spring up quickly or build up over time, but when you smile through it, you can quell the negative feelings before it has a chance to manifest into a bad mood. So the next time somebody cuts you off during your commute, smile away!

Smiling makes you think positively

Our brains have a tendency to think about things in a negative light, but when we smile, our brain keeps track of the positive activity. Smiling often lets our brain focus on the constructive parts of life and let go of the gloominess that is so easy to fall in. When our moods are good and we are thinking positively, it will boost creativity and productivity. So even when you’re feeling down, smile, it’ll make you feel better.

Keep your smile large and beautiful

Smiling makes you feel great, but if you are feeling self-conscious about the way your teeth look, it can be tough to smile with abandon. Dr. Rigby knows how to give your smile that sparkling dazzle which is guaranteed to share happiness and positivity throughout your life as well as others. We can give you the smile you deserve!

Dr. Rigby can make your smile look and feel amazing. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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