Realities Of Tooth Whitening

Here at Rigby Advanced Dental in Bee Cave, TX we understand that in today’s society, there seems to have been a shift in shade.  No longer are people proudly flashing their pearly whites, but now we are told to reach for that iridescent, ultra-white smile.  Just walking down the isle at the grocery store you’ll find you can’t buy a pack of gum or a tube of toothpaste without being bombarded by promises of a whiter smile.  If you are the type seeking professional assistance in making your pearly whites white, here are a few things you should know before you go to keep your expectations in check.

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Pregnancy and Dental Work…….What To Expect and Do! Part 1

Since pregnancy is in our thoughts these days we figured it would be a good time to review the topic when considering dentistry.

Oral hygiene may be the last thing that comes to mind when you learn that you’re pregnant, but just as it affects nearly every other aspect of your body, it also affects your mouth.

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