Today’s Implant Restoration!

Check out the dental implant restoration Dr. Brent Rigby  just completed for one of our outstanding patients!  The implant was placed and restored by Dr. Rigby.  It was allowed to integrate with the surrounding bone for roughly six months before final restoration.  The patient had a very smooth and comfortable healing period and was surprised by how simple and straight forward dental implants can be.  Both Dr. Rigby and the patient were pleased with the outcome.

teeth before implant
Front View Before Implant Placement
lateral teeth before implant
Lateral View Before Implant Placement
front view of teeth after implant restoration
Front View After Implant Restoration
lateral view of teeth after implant restoration
Lateral View After Implant Restoration
Panorex after implant placement
Panorex After Implant Placement
Smile after dental implants
Esthetic Smile Line After Implant Restoration

At Rigby Advanced Dental a set clinical protocol is followed for all of our dental implant patients, doing this ensures our best possible effort has been made to achieve success.  Through his extensive training as a Prosthodontist, Dr. Brent Rigby has been able to master the many aspects of dental implant therapy.  Rigby Advanced Dental not only offers complete implant care, but also offers a variety of other dental services.  Please visit our website Rigby Advanced Dental for details.  We enjoy being able to provide top notch dental care to the people of Bee Cave, Lakeway and other surrounding Lake Travis areas!  We are Conviently located in The Offices at the Hill Country Galleria.

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