Uses for Old Toothbrushes

Replacing your toothbrush every six months is important to maintain good oral health. The bristles on old toothbrushes become worn and can trap extra bacteria. Not to mention, those worn out bristles don’t have nearly enough scrubbing power to remove all the plaque in those hard-to-reach spots.


Recycling Toothbrushes

Living near Austin makes all of us a little more conscious of the opportunity we have here to do good for the planet by recycling. So, instead of tossing that old toothbrush, give it a second life around your house! Getting the kids involved is also a good way to teach them about taking care of the planet.

Toothbrush Bracelets

This fun, family activity can help teach your kids about recycling and give them a fun new accessory! Toothbrush bracelets can be bright and durable kid-friendly jewelry. Learn how to make your own here.

Brushing Fido’s Teeth

While the yucky old toothbrush may not look too appealing to you, Rover probably won’t mind those wayward bristles. Help the family pet keep their teeth clean! Even better – get the kids to help. They won’t mind the drool so much.

Shoe Scrubbers

Family life can be busy and well… dirty. If your kids are mud puddle champions, let them use their old toothbrush to scrub their muddy shoes when they’re done. A quick rinse and scrub will keep those cleats (and your floors) shiny and new.

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