You Can Use Toothpaste For What????

We all have at least one tube of toothpaste in our homes.  But did you know this inconspicuous item is useful for far more than keeping your pearly whites white?  Here is a short list from Rigby Advanced Dental of some of the more unexpected uses for your plain, old toothpaste.

1. Acne Treatment – In a pinch, a dab of toothpaste will help calm and diminish an unsightly, non-ruptured pimple.

2. Cold Sore Treatment – A dab of toothpaste will help a cold sore dry up and heal faster.

3. Burn Relief – A spot of toothpaste smoothed over a burn can help ease the sting of it.  Toothpaste can’t heal burns. But it can help ease the discomfort.

4. Deodorize baby bottles — Due to continuous use of baby milk bottles, they often have a sour milk smell. Washing them thoroughly with toothpastes can remove the smell and clean away residue.

5. Bug Bite Relief –Put a little toothpaste on a bug bite to ease the itch.

6. Bee Sting Relief – Just like with a bug bite, put a bit of toothpaste on a bee sting (after removing the stinger) to help ease the irritation.

7. Remove stains — Toothpaste is very effective in removing tough stains from clothing and carpets. Applying toothpaste and then washing it can make stains disappear immediately.

8. Nail Buffer – Try a bit of toothpaste on your nails to give them a nice shine.  A little toothpaste and a nail brush go a long way to making your nails look salon fabulous.

9. Clean up your fingernails — Toothpaste is manufactured with our teeth in mind, and our teeth are made up of enamel. Thus, it could also be useful for cleaning our fingernails, as they are made up of enamel as well.

10. Shoe Cleaner – Toothpaste can make those old, dingy tennis shoes look like new again.

11. Chrome Cleaner – Rub some toothpaste on your taps.  Rinse clean and enjoy the shine.

12. Wall Cleaner – Did the kids create their own Mona Lisa on your living room wall?  A damp rag and a touch of toothpaste will make the mess go away.

13. Wall patch – Toothpaste does a great job filling in nail holes if you’re in a rush.

14. Iron Cleaner – Use a little toothpaste on that old iron to clean out the icky buildup.

15. Bathroom Mirror Defogger – Scrub a little toothpaste over your mirror.  Wipe away and watch your mirror resist that shower fog.

16. Use as hair gel — Gel toothpastes are made up of the same water soluble polymers as hair gels. If you you are ever out of hair gel cream, toothpaste could be a great substitute for fixing your hair styling problems.

17. Remove Scratches from CDs and DVDs — Toothpaste has been found to be quite effective in removing small scratches and smudges from discs.

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