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Kid's Dentist in Bee Cave

Kid's Dentistry in Bee Cave

Children need dental care too! In some ways it is almost more important for our younger patients to maintain and receive quality dental care than adults, because keeping teeth healthy before decay has a chance to surface is the best form of prevention. Dr. Rigby is a kid's dentist in Bee Cave that provides extra special care for those young teeth that are very prone to cavities.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays emit up to 80-90% less radiation than conventional x-rays, which makes them safe for children! X-rays allow Dr. Rigby to see the health of the jaw and parts of the tooth that aren't visible to the eye. When we are able to keep a log of x-rays, we'll be able to notice any issues that may come up. Digital x-rays are fast, safe, and extremely beneficial for your child's dental care.

Fluoride Treatments

Children's Dentist

Fluoride is a natural mineral that promotes healthy & strong tooth enamel. In fact, some cities put a small and safe amount of fluoride into their drinking water! Dr. Rigby's fluoride treatments are of a higher dosage than is available in toothpaste and gives your teeth a nice and healthy boost of vitality.

Dental Sealants

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Tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease in America. To help keep your child's teeth cavity-free, we can put a thin sealant over the decay-prone molars. This seal prevents cavities from infiltrating and plaque from forming. Dental sealants are a safe and very effective method for keeping the teeth of our younger patients cavity-free!

Proper Brushing & Flossing Instruction

As a children's dentist, Dr. Rigby knows how to explain in simple-to-understand ways how to brush and floss teeth every day. Let your child receive instruction from the best! Think of it like your child learning to brush from the faculty of Harvard.

Q&A Time for Parents

Children's Dentist in Bee Cave

Dr. Rigby and his team understands that the parents of our younger patients also need to be included on everything that is going on with their child's dental health. He sets aside time in every pediatric examination to fill in the parents with any updates regarding their child's oral health, as well as answer any and all questions the parents may have. At Rigby Advanced Dental, we want to give our kids the best care possible, and sometimes the parents need to be in the know as well!

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