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You can help your patients by referring them to a Prosthodontist, an expert in creating optimal oral health, in both function and appearance. Prosthodontists are specialists in implant, esthetic, and reconstructive dentistry.

Some Reasons to Consider a Prosthodontist Include:


You care for your patients and want the best for them. No one can be the master of all types of dentistry. You know the procedures that you perform best and know which cases or procedures are best performed by a specialist.

Consider referring patients with severely resorbed ridges, significant inadequate interarch space, vertical dimension discrepancies, TMJ problems, severe bruxism, congenital abnormalities, or traumatic tooth loss.


Performing extensive treatment can be rewarding, but also can be quite draining on you and your entire practice. Some dentists enjoy difficult cases, but in the end find that they have spent more time and worry than they anticipated.

Think about referring patients who require treatment from several specialists, since Prosthodontists are trained to manage and appropriately stage the treatment needs of such patients.


Patient selection is the best indicator of success. Many dentists find that for some patients, any treatment will be successful. The most skilled dentists can anticipate the patients for whom even their best effort may not meet the patient’s expectations. It can be a relief to know that you will not have to be the one to manage an unhappy patient.

You may wish to refer patients with high esthetic demands. Especially those with a high smile line, or those needing a single central incisor. A Prosthodontist is trained in the selection of the best materials and techniques to find a solution for each patient.


A Prosthodontist can be an excellent resource for you when you have a question, or when a problem comes up. Having a colleague to provide a second opinion or evaluation can ease your mind and allow you to expand the types of treatments that you provide.

Consider referring patients who desire complex implant-supported restorations. A Prosthodontist can complete the treatment or work with you to restore the best in both function and esthetics.

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